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PIES Studio Enterprise Version Setup in AWS

This section explains how to create and manage IAM users and groups with an access key using the Identity and Access Management (IAM) in AWS.

Create and manage IAM users and Groups

Create a Repository

Figure 1: AWS Login page

  • In the search bar, type ECR, select Elastic Container Registry, and press the Enter key.

Figure 2: Amazon ECR page

  • Click Create Repository.

  • In General settings, select Private for visibility settings.

  • Add a repository name to the box provided.

The repository name must start with a letter and can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores, and forward slashes.

Figure 3: General Settings

All other settings will be kept as default.

  • Click Create Repository. You have successfully created a repository.

Figure 4: Create Repository

Create Users and Groups

  • Click on the repository name.

Figure 5: Create Users

  • Type IAM in the search bar. Select IAM from the drop-down list. Click Users from the drop-down list under IAM.

Figure 6: Drop-down list of IAM

  • Click Add users.

Figure 7: Add Users

  • Add a User Name.

  • Select the AWS credential type as Access key - Programmatic access. Click Next: Permissions.

Figure 8: Set User Details

  • Click Create group under Add user to group.

Figure 9: Set Permissions

  • Enter a Group name.

  • See the group lists below and select a group that gives read-only permissions. Click Create group.

Figure 10: Create a Group

  • Click Next: Tags.

Figure 11: Add Tags

  • Adding tags is an optional step. Click Next: review. You can review the roles and permissions created by you. Click Create user.

Figure 12: Create a User

  • You have successfully added a user and a group.

Figure 13: Successful creation of a user and a group

Create Access Key

To create an access key:

  • Click and download the .csv file and send it to the PiES studio.

Figure 14: Access Key created

  • You will get a secret access key. This key is used by the PiES studio to authenticate with the AWS CLI.

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